Thursday, July 27, 2017

Trip to the zoo

Trip To The Zoo

So this is how it all started we went to Auckland zoo to learn about weta's. First we had one session with a guy named don he was the owner of the zoo he told us that weta's where nearly going to be extinct and we are going to be making homes for the weta's and that's why we went to Auckland zoo.First thing we did was we went and grabbed a small bamboo stick and a DNA tracker and went to find a place with lots of trees,plants so the weta's can walk threw it and we'll have it's finger prints inside we had to tell an adult why we put it there and grab it.there was also a lady named Dr Sarah Morgan she flew from Wellington to south Auckland to come to Auckland zoo for the session and learn more. We had special visitors like:
Dr Victoria Metcalf
Dr Sarah Morgan
and after the session we got to explore the zoo my favorite animal was the flamingo they were loud and funny.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Book report !

The Little Old Lady who Cried Wolf!
Written by:Simon Puttock
Illustrated by:Nicola Slater

This book is all about an old lady who called the police, firefighters, and the Zoo. She yelled on the phone to them “there’s a wolf in my house!!
But…….. actually she just wanted someone to talk to.

I recommend this book!!
You should READ IT.
It’s funny  and silly because old people don’t lie to important  people that work for the government. Image result for the little old lady who cried wolf

Sunday, April 9, 2017

ASB Arena

On Friday the 7th the year six students went to watch New Zealand vs Korea at asb arena they were playing for the Davis cup .When I got of the bus I was shivering because it was very cold it felt like I was in a fridge.When we all walked in we all saw them practicing later on the teachers said we cold eat something from our lunch box I just ate chips I wasn't that hungry.It was so amazing watching them play  after waiting for so long when the other schools showed up it was creepy because all of these eye balls are looking straight at you.In the middle of the game we had to leave so we left nice and quite we had to walk a long way to the bus too it was so fun I love to walk.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Making Ice-cream

Hi my name is Irene and I’m talking about science. The teacher for science is Whaea Tepora. This week we made ice-cream. First we put ice in a big packet then we put rock salt with the ice to keep the ice nice and cold.

Next we put cream in a small packet and added vanilla essence. After that we put the small bag of cream into the big bag then shook it for 5 minutes.  Then you have got ice-cream. You can make other flavours too by adding different ingredients.

I hope you can follow these steps - if you do then enjoy your ice-cream.    

By Irene

all about Irene

                                                   About Me

Hi my name is Irene and I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. I go to Dawson primary and I'm in room 18 and my friends are Tristan, Tayge, Suzy ,Elizabeth and Alana we've been friends since I started this school. My favorite subject at school is sports and math because I enjoy doing it, the sport I play for school is touch and we have a tournament coming up and we are working on it. At school we do cooking and gardening and my favorite is cooking we also have science we sometimes make some food in science and have test my favorite. what I really want to do is see queen Elizabeth and see the world and be in intermediate already but it won't happen yet.